What is a web-based system?

A web-based system is a system that can be accessed over a network including, but not limited to, the internet. The term can also indicate the ability for a system to be hosted in a browser-controlled environment, though the first use is more common.

Web-based systems are popular due to the capability of using a web browser to access the system from any location in the world without having to install any additional or special software on any device. Furthermore, the web-based system is able to be accessed from any internet-capable device: laptop, desktop, cell phone, etc.
A company that has a web-based application is able to coordinate their offices no matter the location. All locations can access and operate the application without any additional installation or programming.

Are the EASY systems web-based?

All of the products in Worldwide’s EASY series are web-based. A company that implements an EASY system can have all their offices access and operate the system from any device that has a standard internet browser – including cellular phones. Furthermore, all clients of a company using any EASY system will also be able to access the application without any special software installed in their offices worldwide. All this accessibility occurs in a secure environment.

What is RFID?

RFID is short for RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION DEVICE. This normally refers to having a TAG (known as TRANSPONDER) applied to or possibly incorporated into or on a product, animal, or person for the strict purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves emitted from a READER (known as TRANSCEIVER) which has an antenna.

The tag, which is placed on the object to be identified or tracked has a circuit and a small antenna that stores information as directed by a program. The transceiver also has an antenna that uses radio frequency waves to transmit a signal to the tag. Once the signal is received, the tag is activated and transmits data back to the transceiver. A program logic receives the transmitted data and determines the action that needs to take place, whether it be something simple like opening a gate, or something more complex such as interfacing with a database.

The advantage of RFID tags over BAR-CODES is that it does not require direct contact or line-of-sight scanning. Also, TRANSCEIVERS can read multiple TAGS on many different items at the same time, whereas bar-code readers cannot

Transceivers can read tags from 6 feet to more than 90 feet at a time; bar-code readers cannot.

LOW FREQUENCY RFID SYSTEMS have a short transmission range of less than six feet and HIGH FREQUENCY SYSTEMS have long range of more than 90 feet. High frequency system are more expensive.

Do the EASY systems handle RFID technology?

Different EASY systems use RFID technology in many different ways. PACK-EASY, our export crating system, utilizes RFID tags in the warehouse. As material is received, RFID tags are placed on packages. When packing these, RFID tags are read by the guns and packing lists are generated automatically. RFID portals can be placed in front of a container and as packages pass through the portal, the RFID tags are read and container packing lists are generated automatically. Multiple reading of tags can be done at the same time by the portal as multiple packages pass through.  

SUPPLY-EASY, our wholesale and retail system, utilizes RFID tags for inventory control as well as other purposes.

We also customize the RFID tag usage as needed for different customers.

What is CLOUD computing?

In its simplest form, it is the usage of a network of remote servers via the Internet to process, manage, and store data instead of doing it on a local server, network, or personal computer. It is the delivery of COMPUTING as a SERVICE (rather than a local product) whereby shared resources (software, hardware, etc) are provided to customers as a utility (like electricity where you do not know the infrastructure or how to operate it) over the network using virtualization.  It is a way to increase computer capacity or add capabilities on the fly, without having to invest in infrastructure, without licensing new software, and without having to train personnel on how to manage and repair the infrastructure.

CLOUD computing normally includes any subscription based or pay-per-use service over the Internet. It is sold on demand and many times by the minute or hour, and the user can have as much or as little of the service at any time. The service is fully managed by the provider (the customer only needs a personal computer and Internet access and does not need to know how to manage the infrastructure).

A cloud is either PUBLIC or PRIVATE. A PUBLIC CLOUD sells services to anyone on the Internet, such as AMAZON or even GMAIL. A PRIVATE CLOUD, on the contrary, is a proprietary network that supplies hosted services to a limited number of users. For example ,a worldwide company needing access to centralized programs at the headquarters using PCs and the internet, without the necessity of installing any specialized software on any client PC, would use a Private Cloud.

Bottom line, CLOUD COMPUTING providers deliver applications via the Internet. These are accessed from a Web browser while the application software system and the data are stored at a remote location at the provider’s office.

Do EASY systems provide CLOUD computing?

All EASY systems provide immediate PRIVATE CLOUD COMPUTING for any customer. Our systems can be accessed and operated from anywhere in the world over the Internet, using any Web browser, on any PC, and without installing any specialized software.

Our systems can also be hosted and integrated on PUBLIC CLOUDS. When so done, many companies can be using our software on the CLOUD without them having to install our software locally on any local network.

Why choose Worldwide Software Systems (WSS)?

WSS has had over thirty years of direct experience with world-class technology. WSS has top quality software engineers that are first class industry experts, and WSS has countless satisfied customers using the EASY software systems series. No one knows the business like those at WSS, making it the only way to go.

WSS offers clients the highest level of functionality, with the greatest variety of easy-to-use programs. The advanced built-in features are not only key money and time-savers, but are also designed to be colorful and attractive.
WSS is the proven leader in the industry and is backed by the highest level of knowledgeable service and support teams ready to respond to any possible request.

What is the key to the success of WSS over these past thirty years?

The most important ingredient to our success is the level to which our software is customized to each individual client. Our programs are consistently tailored to the specific needs of participating companies.

How do you handle service and support requests during holidays, weekends, and after hours?

Service and support requests are always forwarded to an employee on a rotating basis.

Why should I buy software from WSS?

Due to the high value of and necessity for such a system, companies will not continue to use software that falls short of the best available. Our customer base is large and loyal, which can only be the case when a company is offering the software with the best capabilities in the industry. Our level of service and range of programming is unmatched by any other software. After investing in our software, you will do more business, as well as get more business from clients who hear you are using the best, WSS EASY systems.

Does WSS have any competition?

After thirty years of development, no one can stand up against WSS. Our premium experience and level of success are unmatched in the industry. The financial success of those using our systems is direct proof.

Does WSS have a motto?

Not officially, some of our long-standing clients have suggested the following:

  • Try to stump us! (because you can’t)
  • We are unbeatable!
  • You cannot buy better!

More important than a motto, however, is the judgment levied on us by the market itself. Instead of coming across as pompous, we let the software and its overwhelming success speak for itself.