About WSS

Worldwide Software Systems (Worldwide) has been in business for over 30 years. What started as a small office operation for Houston’s export crating market has grown into the finest software-producing company both nationally and internationally. Worldwide is now headquartered on 3 acres in Richmond, Texas.

Worldwide began by marketing software systems manufactured by other companies. In doing so, the tracking needs of freight forwarding, export crating, supply chain and logistics companies became apparent. In response to these needs, Worldwide developed its first system, PACK-EASY ™, to track purchase orders at the item- and project-levels, from the time the Purchase Order is issued all the way to the destination.

With the success of PACK-EASY™, Worldwide developed DOC-EASY™ for international freight forwarding companies. DOC-EASY™ helps companies process their ocean and air shipments in addition to producing all the necessary documents, giving them a real advantage over traditional processing methods.

Seeing the needs of wholesale distribution and retail companies, Worldwide designed SUPPLY-EASY™ to help them manage their inventory, process their customer orders, and handle all necessary accounting. With SUPPLY-EASY™, companies will have accuracy of information and efficiency of processing. Two variations of SUPPLY-EASY™ are available, one for the Tobacco & Candy industry and one for the Plumbing Wholesale industry.

With the successes of PACK-EASY™, DOC-EASY™, and SUPPLY-EASY™, and based on the needs of their clients, Worldwide opened a division for hardware manufacturing, computer service, and IT consulting. Now clients of Worldwide have a one-stop solution for all their software, hardware, and IT needs. This unique combination of services is provided before, during, and after the sale. At Worldwide, we’re committed to taking care of our clients!

Worldwide works with a wide range of clients that include multinational companies such as Exxon, KBR, and Halliburton; medium-sized companies such as Shipside Crating, Stanco Plumbing (TMS South) and All Brands; as well as start-up companies. We tailor our products to suit the varying needs of our clients.

Worldwide prides itself in providing superior software products with full customer support, which is why our software products have received recognition by many national and international industry trade magazines. Our staff is made of the finest hardware and software engineers who are well-seasoned, and eager to serve you in any way possible.

As the needs of the market change, so does Worldwide. We now offer custom-designed solutions for most industries. Please contact Worldwide for any of your hardware and software needs.

At Worldwide, we’re setting the standard for the export, logistics, freight forwarding and wholesale distribution industries.