Customer Support Services -Designed to Expedite Problem Solutions

Worldwide provides prompt and accurate responses to your questions and problems which require immediate attention.

Customer Support services are designed to ensure you, the customer, that we are constantly aware of your need for continuing service and support when problems arise


Worldwide offers remote diagnosis, which enables your computer to communicate with our in-house Diagnostic Center if your computer goes down.

Response begins immediately.  When our software engineers log in to your computer, they solve the problem instantly, eliminating time-consuming and costly trips back and forth. As a result, your computer down-time is kept to a minimum.

The entire diagnostic process is computerized, unlike that of our competitors.

Worldwide’s Remote Diagnostic services are available nationwide, supported by the latest in service technologies. 


Worldwide provides Phone-In Consultation which is an efficient and expedient service for problems or inquiries which require immediate attention.

When calling, you will be asked for a brief description of the problem or inquiry. A Software Support Representative will be given your input and return your call to discuss your problem in detail. To help the Software Support Representative provide a quick response you should attempt to isolate the problem as much as possible prior to calling.

Your System Manager should be the focal point for questions and problems relating to operation and application of the computer system.

Detailed technical discussions and extensive application consulting is not handled by the Phone-In Consulting Service. Questions of this nature are referred to our sales representatives who will provide information regarding our Software Consulting.

Phone-Consultation is available 24 hours daily, excluding holidays.

Phone-In Consultation Hot Line

+1 281.342.9999

Email Support